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Mannys Is the Place for Your Ultimate Karaoke Setup

In the past, you needed a specialised karaoke machine if you wanted to sing with your friends. Not anymore - Karaoke is all grown up now! All you need is your Apple or Android device running a karaoke app, and our experts can help you put together your ultimate setup. We’ll make sure you have everything you need, and know how to set it all up. Just add friends!

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What You Need for Karaoke


For smaller rooms or the flexibility to convert a space quickly, consider a portable PA. They're lightweight, easy to set up, can be stored away when not needed and there's a range of battery-powered options as well. If you have a dedicated space or are a full-time bar or music venue you might want to go BIG with multiple larger speakers and subwoofers! We have a massive range, catering for everything from a small room to much larger spaces. So come see us in-store or give us a ring and we'll tailor the best solution for your needs and budget!


We have a huge selection of microphone across a broad price range. Wireless handheld microphones are a popular choice for Karaoke use. Get a pair so you can sing together, or create a system to get the whole gang involved. The wireless format allows you the ability to move around without worrying about cables and connections. If you're setting up on a stage in a larger venue, you may want to choose a more traditional wired mic system and we have plenty of options for that as well. We can help you decide what's right for you!


Singing is one thing, but you can take your Karaoke experience to the next level by setting the perfect atmosphere with lights and effects, smoke and lasers (and everybody loves a mirrorball). We have small lights and FX for single rooms, all the way up to larger rigs to accommodate big venues. We also have stands and rigging, so everything works just right! Our lights and FX machines are on demo at all our stores so you can stop by to see them in action anytime.

Choose an App

There's plenty of great Karaoke apps out there for both iOS and Android smart devices as well as desktop solutions. These range from more professional level software like Karaoki by PCDJ and Karafun to more simple, yet still effective mobile apps like Yokee, Singa and Smule. Whatever you choose, make sure it will be compatible with the way you want your setup to function and always check the feature sets available as many apps include in-app-purchasing.

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