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Links to free software, lessons, competitions, plus whatever else we can find floating around the interwebs. Updated weekly. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Lessons & Tutorials

Close up of compressor unit

Mastering is a pivotal link in the chain to get your production sounding it's best, but it can be sometimes difficult to grasp.

Pile of books

Ableton has made their highly popular book - Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers FREE for download.

laptop and ableton push on desk

How do you find time for your passion projects and hobbies? The Noisegate crew offer some great advice on being productive.

Close-up on piano keys

Learn piano basics with this epic 7 hour, FREE video course. Get started learning piano today with this ultimate guide.

Close-up on modular synthesizer

The Southern California Synth Society have an informative discussion, offering tips for how to get up and running in modular synthesis.

turntable setup diagram

Make sure your turntables are set up for the best performance possible! This easy guide will run you through a simple set-up check-list.

man sitting with a guitar

Bass players, check out this great video running through some seriously beautiful sounding chords from the always great Scott's Bass Lessons on YouTube.

man sitting with a guitar

Justin Guitar is one of the best guitar tutorial systems online. Most of the content is FREE and covers a massive range of subjects, beginners to advanced.

hands on piano with flowkey app on iPad

Register your new Yamaha instrument now and get 3 months of flowkey Premium FREE. flowkey is a fun way to learn piano with over 1500 songs to play thorugh.

Korg volca units

Leroy from Noisegate shows us how to very simply, sync your Korg Volca units to Ableton. This will keep the Volca in time with Live!

man speaking into a microphone

The crew at RODE have been producing some of the best gear for creating content for a long time now! Check out their guide to starting a podcast.

close up of man playing slide guitar

Learn slide guitar with Rhett Shull. A different and unique way of playing guitar, get started with these 5 easy steps.

Johnyy Marr in his studio holding a guitar

The Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr teaches you how to play their classic "Headmaster Ritual" thanks to Fender's Artist Check-In series.

close up of someone sitting at drum kit

Modern Drummer has compiled 15 exercises to improve your drumming chops while you're at home! Simple, fast and easy to follow."

pic of fender stratocaster headstock

Learn Blues guitar in 5 days! These simple lessons will help give you the skills to interpret and improvise using Blues guitar techniques.

Man learning to play electric guitar

Fender is offering 3 months of their online lesson system Fender Play for FREE. Includes lessons for guitar, bass and ukulele.

Close up of guitar strings

If you can't come in for a string change in person, order some from us online and checkout D'Addario's handy DIY guides.

Close up of playing piano

Learn Piano with Skoove. Get 3 months FREE access to their online tutorial system, with lesson options for beginners to advanced players.

Close up of Ukulele

A great 10-day Ukulele starter course by Andy Guitar on YouTube. Simple, easy to follow videos that will get you up and running straight away.

Laptop with Ableton Live on screen

Learn Ableton Live with this FREE introductory course from the Berklee College of Music. Great for novices and those new to music production.

Close up of Ableton MIDI notes

Attack Magazine's Technique section is full of awesome electronic music tutorials, iconic track deconstructions, recreations and more.

Man playling Les Paul guitar

Marty Music is a guitar tutorial channel on YouTube with everything from "how to play" videos for classic songs to tips on tone and technique.

hands over modular synthesizer

Step into the world of Modular Synthesis by using a FREE 1-Month trial to complete this online course "Learning Modular Synthesis."

Software & Apps

Pics of piano VSTs

Not everyone has space for a piano in their studio, so check out some of the best FREE virtual Piano plugins available online!

Korg Poly 800 synth

Get some retro 80's vibes into your productions with this FREE software emulation of Korg's 1983 Poly-800 synth.

Screen capture of the Supermassive reverb plugin.

Get Valhalla's Supermassive reverb plugin FREE. Luscious clouds of reverb, otherworldly delays, swelling waves of feedback!

RODE NT-SF1 microphone recording in skatepark

RØDE has released an amazing collection of Ambisonic, 3D soundscapes for you to download and use! Search by category and download today.

Zenbeats on iPhone screen

The FREE version of Roland's Zenbeats couples a great interface with classic sounds for an easy and fun way to make music on your mobile device.

Screenshot of Balancer plug-in

Sonible's Balancer plug-in will balance your audio tracks in just a few seconds. Deficiencies in the signal are detected and automatically corrected.

Screenshot of mastering software

Six of the best FREE pieces of Mastering software on the web. Add the finishing touches to your mix, without spending an arm and a leg on plugins.

Screenshot of Audacity software

An oldie, but a goodie! Audacity is still one of best FREE pieces of recording recording software available. It's also open-source and cross-platform.

Serato Play software

Learn to DJ using Serato Play, which allows you to DJ without using any hardware, all you need is a laptop. FREE for the month of May.

Amplitube software screenshot

Check out this selection of the best free music making software around. These programs can be used by anyone and will get you up and running today!

Software package (box)

Get a host of high-quality samples for free. Check out Cymatics free download page for all their sample packs that cost $0!

screenshot of vst synth

6 of the best free synth plugins going! Grab yourself one or all of these VST synth plugins, FREE. Available for both Mac and PC.

Close up of Akai MPC

This virtual MPC software models the famous 2000XL unit suprisingly well! If you're an MPC fan or just curious about the workflow, check it out, its FREE.

Screenshot of the Pigmants synth VST

Arturia has extended the FREE trial period of their Pigments synth until July 3rd. It's an incredibly versatile synth, with a huge sound palette.

pic of midi controller and laptop

Melodics is a desktop app that helps you practice on either keys, pad-controllers or electronic drums. FREE to try, with 60 lessons to get you started.

Voltage music software schreenshot

Cherry Audio is offering its Voltage Modular Nucleus software FREE. A complete modular synthesis package w/ 22 modules and 130+ presets.

Screenshot of Abletopn Live

Ableton has extended its trial period of Live Suite from 30 days to 90 days! Check out the complete Live package FREE, for 3 months.

Moog Model D app on iPad

Moog and KORG are currently giving away their Model D and iKaossilator apps for FREE! Grab these awesome music tools while you can.

Close up of music studio gear in a rack

Grab this FREE sample pack from Grammy award winning producer, Jack Antonoff. Recorded at the famous Electric Lady studios in New York.

Screenshot of Logic Pro X software

Apple's pro music production and video editing software, Logic X and Final Cut X are now available on a 90 day FREE trial.

Laptop showing Komplete Start software

KOMPLETE START is a FREE selection of instruments, FX, Loops and samples. It contains over 2000 customisable sounds for the low price of $0.

Clos up of a casette tape

If LoFi vibes are your thing, check out this really great list of the best FREE (and paid) LoFi VST plugins from BVKER.

Computer with music software on the screen

Universal Audio have launched their own DAW - Luna. Boasting near zero latency, it's FREE to users of UA's Apollo or Arrow interfaces.

Community & Publishing

Artwork of a wallet

In the modern world, the way muscians can earn money has changed a lot! Not to say it's easy, but take a look at this info from Serato.

Home music studio

What should you do if you find yourself with a creative block, unable to write music. Check out some practical tips here.

music productoin gear on a desk

Check out Soundcloud's offering to help musicians keep going, continue creating and getting their projects out to the public.

concert crowd

Check out this article on ways that you can get your music out into the public sphere without breaking the bank.

Mobile phone with twitch on the screen

Want to know how to get a livestream up and running? Check out this detailed guide on what you'll need and how to set it up.

Happy Pack logo.

The Happy Pack is an initiative to deliver care packages to creatives affected by COVID 19. Check out all the details and get involved.

Man wearing headphones and speaking into microphone

RØDE is back with their My RØDE Cast competition. Submit a 1-2 minute podcast and go in the running to WIN a share of 150K of podcasting prizes.

iPhone screen showing socail media apps

Help your social media stand out from the rest. We all know how powerful these platforms can be, so make sure you're looking your best!

Photo of someone using music production software.

Benn Jordan breaks down some of the most common scams that musicians face on a regular basis in this entertaining and informative video!

Man sitting at a desk and speaking into a microphone.

How do you record multiple people at once for your podcast? Learn how with our easy to follow 10-step guide, inlcluding equipement recommendations.

Illustration of a flower with sunglasses.

On June 5 and July 3 BandCamp is waiving their revenue share on sales. Get your tracks up now and encourage people to buy some music to support artists.

Mixcloud logo

Mixcloud's has a new streaming platform with license agreements, meaning no copyright problems! Subscription is needed, but you can try for 90 days FREE.

Diagram of DJ streaming setup

Resident Advisor have put together this great article, specifically for DJs on how to set up a livestream. Get your sets up online!

Photo woman playing guitar in music studio.

A great guide to livestreaming from independent musician Emma McGann, who gave a TED talk in 2016 about streaming and online connections.

Photo of someone using music production software.

Isol-Aid is an online music festival happening every weekend. They're also raising funds for Support Act - relief for musicians and music industry workers.

USB Microphone in front of the computer

If you ever wanted to start a podcast, now is a great time! Get up and running with our guide to simple and easy podcast setups.

Live stream with Roland Go Cast

How do you livestream? Check out this guide and visit our "Studio Gear" category for streaming equipment to get you started.

photo of iPhone screen with somene using Endlesss app

Endlesss is a free app that allows you to make beats, improvise music and jam live with friends anywhere in the world.

Photo of hands in the air at a concert.

Jambase helps you find and watch live music all day, everyday with a constantly updated database of live music streams.

Screenshot of Soundtrap program.

Collaborate on tracks with friends online using Soundtrap, a cloud-based audio recording platform. They offer a FREE 1 month trial.

The Twich logo

The "Ultimate Guide" to streaming on Twitch. Get up to speed on how to get started on one of the biggest streaming platforms on the internet.

Photo of someone using music production software.

A remix contest is an awesome way to keep busy and creative. Metapop has a great list of current remix competitions, just download the stems!

Photo of someone using music production software.

Streamlabs is a FREE streaming platform that's super user friendly and allows customisation via widgets. Available as a desktop and mobile app!

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